Cover Laporan Akhir Tahun 2023 AJI

2 Press Freedom Crisis Amid Climate Emergency and Democratic Erosion 2023 Indonesian Journalist Safety Situation Report

During 2023, AJI documented 89 cases of attacks and obstruction involving 83 individual journalists, 5 groups of journalists, and 15 media outlets as victims. This represents an increase compared to 61 cases in 2022 and 41 cases in 2021.

Of all cases, the highest incidence of violence occurred among journalists or media reporting on issues related to accountability and corruption, totaling 33 cases. This was followed by social issues and crime with 25 cases, and environmental issues and agrarian conflicts with 14 cases. The remaining 5 cases pertained to political and election issues, while 15 cases were categorized as other issues falling outside the four criteria.

Meanwhile, the enduring strength of media oligarchy, intertwined with political parties and power, poses a significant barrier for the media to operate with freedom and independence. These media owners also wield influence over the natural resources business sector, which explains the lack of serious attention given to environmental issues and those related to the climate crisis in mainstream media.


Editor in chief : Sasmito
Editor : Ika Ningtyas
Team of writers : Adi Marsiela, Dyah Ayu Pitaloka, Edy Chan, Erick Tanjung, Ika Ningtyas,
Musdalifah, Nani Afrida, Shinta Maharani
Data Analysts : Adib Asfar, Musdalifah, Nurika Manan