Exploitation of Freelance Journalists in the Indonesian Media Industry

The Alliance of Independet Journalist (AJI) Indonesia and the Sedane Labor Information Institute (LIPS) have conducted research on mapping pay and working conditions for Indonesian freelance journalists. According to the findings of this study, independent journalists are struggling to make ends meet. Even the pay paid to independent journalists are barely enough to cover a fraction of the cost of living.


More than half of the freelancers did not specify the term of the contract, and only 43% received a copy. Because there is no evidence that media organizations act arbitrarily, freelance journalists are susceptible.


Not only that, but some of them are not paid insurance premiums, are not paid food allowances, are not paid position allowances, are not paid transportation allowances, are not paid overtime, and are not paid work period allowances.


Exploitation of Freelance Journalists in the Indonesian Media Industry: A Mapping of Salaries and Working Conditions of Freelance Journalists in Indonesia


Sedane Labour Resource Center (LIPS):
Syarif Arifin
Sugeng Riyadi

AJI Indonesia:
Edi Faisol
Ezra Sihite


Editorial Team:
Febrina Galuh Permanasari
Sisca Mega Prastica
Putri Adenia